Big Snoop.Gov

“When you talk, you teach. When you listen, you learn.”  

Paul Castellano


CIA and IRS Get Private Data on Citizens
From one investigation done to find customers of two men teaching people how to beat lie detector tests we end up with those people who had maybe only bought their books or videos.  That list has been parceled out to many government agencies and has taken a life eternal in the archives of these agencies.

Seattle Police Temporarily Turn OFF Snoop System in City
You know it’s coming back. 

NRA accuses NSA of Gun Registry
The back door gun registry program is probably multi-level.  Many states are implementing this as part of their gun purchase approval process.

Maryland Gun Laws Go Into Overdrive Oct. 1
Your personal info. has already been set loose in the open on the web thanks to the State of Maryland.

Government Health Care to Include Social and Behavioral Records 
This is all part of the Affordable Health Care Act that will someday be nothing but a full dossier on your physical and mental background.  It will be a wonder treasure trove for snoops and anyone that wants dirt on you.

NSA Snooped on India by planting bugs
It seems reasonable the Brazil and India among others no longer trust the USA.  We spied on countries that likely didn’t bother spying on us prior to this.  We are looking more and more like the real threat to world peace.  Even recognizing this is a world shattering event for most of us who believed in the America as the good guys.

National Prepaid Cell Phone Registry
They want it all baby.  They want you to have no means of private communication.

When the Government Steals

D.C. Property Owners Have Their Properties Stolen by Tax Sale
Here is the government working to steal all that you ever worked for and hoped to have for old age.  It is heart rending to read the stories of homeowners with dementia  that have their homes stolen from them.

Your money in the bank won’t be your money if the banks fail.
The bail ins are coming and the bad luck for you will be trying to sell your bank stock for anything once the economy collapses.  Your best bet is hard assets and cash in your physical possession.

One man withdraws consent to the theft by government to further the extortion.
This is called the John Gault Method of which I approve.  Work less, live more, and hand over fewer of your hours as an indentured servant to Big Gov in the form of taxes.

Ammo Prices Stabilize

 Wow, have times changed and the Feds have done an excellent job of restricting the market
 I must give them credit on this for without their strenuous and continuous effort with our money to restrict supply I doubt the prices would have held up so long.

Availability increases for everything but .22 LR indicate that supply vs demand has at least stabililized at a higher price structure.  Wally world when available $24 per brick of 550 and at gun shows $45-55 for .22 LR.   Recent gun show prices for boxes of 50 rounds of .22 indicate a new price of close to .20 per round since they were going for $8-10 per box of 50 which was the old price for 9mm.

Here is an example what what .22 is going for when you want to get it now.

Gun show visits show availability is up for most ammo types and cost has gone down from peaks.


5.56 – 400 rounds of Federal Green Tip in the can were $399. and are now down to $299.  Before the crunch you could find a can for $150-$175.

Try this.  Palmetto State Armory Green Tip 1000 rd  xm855cs bulk pack $419.99 

7.62x39mm Russian made non-corrosive is now back down to earth at around .30 per round both online and at shows.

5.45 x 39 is around at .30 per round for non-corrosive.  A corrosive tin of 1080 rounds is going for around $220 online but so far none are found at shows.

9mm is still found at Wally World for $13-14 up from $11 but you only see it when a delivery truck arrives and it is out shortly thereafter.

12 and 20 gauge shotgun bulk boxes of 100 in 7 1/2 shot are becoming more steadily available at Wally World.   The average price is closing on $29 per box up from $22 per box of 100 before  Gun shops have 12 and 20 but prices are much higher.

5.7mm is around but still very pricey at $40 per box of 50 vs $25 before.

.308 is still around $1 or more per round depending on whether it is surplus or new manufacture hollow point hunting rounds that can go up over $1.75 per round.

Self Defense Ammo is available at most shops in the PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, and OH area.  I have no current updates on TX or ID. 

Super-bugs – Urgent Threat

 Nightmare outbreak in Illinois
When the expert worry you know it is time to consider a new way of life.  I’m thinking igloo.  This is out of our control now and someday it will cut loose.

Superbug Threat Urgent – CDC 
Efforts to manage the growing resistance of drugs to newly forming super-bugs is a losing battle.  It is one that experts claim is a result of overuse of antibiotics and therefore doctors should be less willing to dispense them.  So you go in for a tick bite and show some signs of concern but the doctor might hold back so as not to over-prescribe while you get a dose of Lyme disease.  Don’t say it can’t happen because it has and does.  Meanwhile, you can go to the third world, Mexico for example, and pick out what you need right across the counter.  So tell me how doctors will actually slow the spread of resistant bacteria while the flea market sale of antibiotics is going on.  Another issue is that research on new drugs isn’t happening or at least not at past rates.  Instead, through government regulation research has dwindled and we give away billions overseas for wasted projects while we can’t seem to fund important research like this.  Grab your hat because we are in for a rough ride.

In 20 years or less we may lose access to antibiotics and go back to 19th century medicine
Over use of these drugs has done the job.  It is in the chicken feed, and other food given to stock animals.  Doctors give you an antibiotic prescription every time you get sick even though many times it is a virus.  It doesn’t look good unless you are hoping to see a big culling.

Drug Resistant Gonorrhea Sickens Millions
I have four words to describe what needs to be done to protect yourself from this one.

23,000 Killed Each Year By Super-bugs
Statistically this number may not get you but eventually it will get someone you know.  More importantly, this number will probably increase drastically as the super-bug population increases over time.  The number one thing to do is stay out of hospitals if at all possible.  The number two thing is to treat all wounds immediately as if you are at risk of serious infection.  The number three thing  is to make your own food and not buy it prepared from a restaurant.  Finally, as stated before, keep you pants on since sexually transmitted disease is the most preventable by not imbibing.  If you must, wear protection.

Man dies within hours from Seawater borne bacteria.
This should help get you thinking clearly about all the risks from bacteria out there.  Cook your own food, never go barefoot into water and if given a choice stay out of brackish or warm water of any kind.  This risk is much greater than it has ever been.

Another Kind of Superbug – Giant Killer Hornets
This is a great idea for immigration.  Bring these things into the USA along with snake-head fish and an unending torrent of aliens that hate us but want the great country we built.  

Sitrep: TB Nightmare, Grid Risk, Federal Land Grabs, Racial Mobs Attack, War – Saving Face

Riding the Coughing Dog – Get a dose of TB as you take a Bus Ride
Consider whatever money you might save by taking a bus, train, or plane as you get to share air with untested entries into our country.  We are being mobbed and the government has no concern about it.  Protect yourselves.  By the way, even an elevator ride can give you enough time to pick up TB if you get some direct exposure to a virulent TB strain.

Companies and Emergency Responders Join in Grid Down Exercise
This is great for the companies but what about us.  I suggest you consider all variations of back-up light, heat, and power sources.

Feds Seizing Land Along the border for Cut Rate Prices
This is clearly taking without just compensation but at this stage if you are a landowner you are out of luck.  Remember when you buy land that it really isn’t yours since you must pay taxes on it and later if it has some supreme value the government may take it and give it to another entity willing to set up shop and pay more taxes.  Another risk to ownership is demonstrated by perceived government need and  if the gov has a purpose of its own you won’t have a chance.

Feds Perform Safety Checks in Body Armor and Heavily Armed
This has many meanings but one of them is that the goons are practicing.  Secondly, many revel in their pseudo Special Operations fantasy come true.  Third, they are working on conditioning the populace to accept such sights of overwhelming police strength and force in any situation.

Racial Mob Attacks – Bing Search
Run your own search about racial mob attacks and you will find the hidden story about danger simply from being in the wrong place when a mob finds you.  The ongoing racial war is essentially one sided where unsuspecting whites find themselves targets of large groups racially motivated mobs.  If you see a large congregation of people that are in your vicinity just assume you could be a target.
Here is how it can happen when you are in a seemingly safe place.

Congress Asked to Approve War in Syria
When a country attacks another country we usually call it war.  When a country attacks its own people we may call it civil war.  It now appears the USA is intent on getting involved in another civil war in Syria primarily based on saving face for setting a red line that was probably crossed.  In addition the information used to justify the war may be faked by opponents in the civil war or withheld by interested governments.  The one thing clear is that we don’t need to help another country fall into chaos by intervening and then having to manage the mess.  The risk here is that oil prices could skyrocket if the war goes regional.  It even has the potential to become a world war so keep making your preparations for a grid down, economic collapse, or social chaos.  Things have never been so bright for the dogs of war.

Video about how to protect yourself with tangibles and why.