Societal Collapse Indicators: Taser Attacks in DC, Racial Attacks, Media Lies

 Taser Attacks in DC portent a new Robbery Method
This immobilizes the victim quietly so they can be robbed, beaten, or killed.  Needless to say this is scary since the attackers will feel more brazen about using a stealth weapon for taking someone down.

Voter Frustration with Government Leads to Talk of Secession
It will be brushed away by bureaucrats and dictators in charge.

Racial Attacks Continue
Teens Attack WW2 Vet – Left for Dead
This is the kind of thing that turns your stomach. 

Adults Robbing School Children
You know things are getting bad when they have to resort to this.  Check out the story in Gary, Indiana.

Breakdown in the Rule of Law and the Societal Contract
The willingness to flout the rule of law is now epidemic.  Part of it comes from the obvious examples set by politicians all the way up to the WH.  In this case many people are passing off their pets as service dogs.   This reminds me of the regular use of handicapped tags by those who are not handicapped.

When the Media Lies to Keep the Facade in Place
When a white student is killed by black youths the mention of color is left out of the story.
In an essay by Stein he makes it clear that discussing the truth or even acknowledging it is absent in the U.S. media. The truth is there for all to see and yet they are unable to mention it for fear of being called racist.

Region 3 is slotted for the worst in a FEMA Scenario – DE, MD, PA, VA, WV
Check out the video
DC/Baltimore/Wilmington/Richmond/Philadelphia/Charleston first in risk.  Who would have thought.  Of course all of our enemies would have especially when you think DC and the rest of these areas are just what might be called collateral damage.  No matter what type of disaster occurs whether natural such as a virus, man made stupidity like a meltdown, or terrorist attacks with CBRN
the risk is not contained by boundaries other than distance.

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

How about skylights in your home in addition to electric lights.  If you haven’t gotten it done by the time the electric goes away you might try this bottle light idea.  

Start your own prepping related business.
Here is a list of industries that do well in that area.

American Sheep – Your Fellow Citizens Will Easily Sell You Out – Learning to Bow to Authority

 DOD lists conservative views as a terrorism indicator
The loyalty oaths to the regime are getting more direct and soon we wonder if like in the days of the 3rd Reich they will have to personally swear loyalty to the Dear Leader.  The founding fathers with their extreme views on liberty would not have fit in at all and now would not be acceptable views for anyone in the military.

America to sign onto the U.N. Small Arms Treaty
And this is the biggest step to eventual renunciation of the 2nd amendment by the left.

Americans sign a petition to free illegals and make them citizens even if they are murderers and rapists in jail.  I wonder if you could get them to sign that same petition for Americans to be released.

 An American U.S. Senator wants to determine who is a real journalist by whether they are paid.  
There is nothing in the constitution regarding free press that says what the pay scale must be for someone to be a member of the press.  This is where despots want to go with things.

Government reserves the right to broad surveillance powers.
They don’t care about the law.

Warrant-less Searches No Problem for Government

Executive Branch Ignores the Law
Will the people yawn over this expansion of power and taxation without congressional approval?

Do as you are told in N.J.
Christie puts up anti texting signs as part of the overall conditioning program to make you used to following orders and become more docile.

Ammo Shortage Fallout Spreads to BB Guns

I was joking a few months back when I said there would be a BB shortage.  It is no longer a joke.  If you look on Amazon you’ll find that Daisy 6,000 round BB containers are not currently available where just a few weeks ago they were.  Wally World has the same problem.  I’ve gone into five different Wally World stores and none had the bulk 6k BB containers in stock.  One store was down to one 2,400 round bb container. 

So the Federal Goons have accomplished something really amazing.  They have dried up ammo so much with their bulk purchases that civilians have had to resort to BB guns for practice.  So many have taken that route that there are now shortages in the availability of pellet and BB gun supplies.  Are slingshots and archery supplies next.  This must be a liberal anti-gunners dream.

Suggestion:  If you are shooting pellet or BB guns make of point of getting all the supplies you can afford in the way of BB and pellet ammunition.

 Here are some online sources:

BB supplies in bulk

Daisy Zinc BB 6k 

Or you might consider Airsoft.
 Here is a great article on the subject of using Airsoft for firearms training.

Situational Awareness – Where Not to Hang Out

Ten places to visit and ten to avoid.

I really enjoyed this article on the ten friendliest and 10 unfriendliest places to visit.
I’ll give you an admission that I’ve been to at least 5 of these places that are the unfriendliest and to none of the friendliest.  Unfriendly might be taken as a place where you can be handed your head or your teeth.  I agree that Newark belongs in the #1 spot but Camden N.J. holds promise.  But we can only name ten so you can see that five of those cities reside in the U.S.A.  

Do some online research before you visit.
The truth is though that the wrong neighborhood in an ostensibly functional city can get be deadly.  I can name names.  How about Cherry Hill in Baltimore or Orleans Street and Front or North Avenue.   Ask the cops there and they’ll tell you but be careful when you talk to them.

Looking for a Beatdown?
In Philly, PA,  try Broad street. 
Try Church in in Richmond, VA.
Memphis, Tenn has a number of choice spots for mayhem, and for that matter even Knoxville does.
Kansas City offers you so many opportunities that I won’t name them.
All of these places can be quite unfriendly.

Advice:  Check beforehand when you plan to visit a locale and ask those you know that live there where to avoid.  It can save you much heartache and possibly your life.

Industrial Farms Are Creating Superbugs

Farm use of antibiotics is increasing resistance to antibiotics for many bacterium.

This might suggest limiting your intake of non organic meats but the rise of these bacteria that are resistant and released in the general  human population means that staying away from the products produced by industrial farms won’t truly protect you.

In China the regular habit of people living with their ducks and chickens and pigs in close proximity is akin to industrial farming in the likely event that they will use some of the same methods such as antibiotic laced foods.  Recent human to human virus transmission in China on H7N9 bird flu is an example.

Super Honey may help healing and fight infections. 
Going back to natural cures may be a great means of coping with infections.

Post antibiotic era ushers in the risk of superbugs..

Sitrep: Big Bro and Your Freedom of Movement

Your privacy is under assault in many ways and here is an insidious one.  No matter where you go, if you are driving a car with a license plate on it there is a likely chance your movements will be noticed and noted through a optical scanning system for license plates.  Of course this is only to find criminals but with such a database your every movement and whereabouts will be a matter of record if you are driving a vehicle.

Georgia Sheriff plans to use system to scan 1000 plates per hour.

Seattle collects 7 million license plate photos last year.

How license plate readers work.

NSA data in hot demand from other spy agencies.  I bet they all want a peek.  Next it will be divorce attorneys.

DEA uses intel from data mining to begin investigations.  It also instructs agents to hide the original source of the information on the investigation which appears to violate rules according to lawyers.   Hey, just make it up, why not.

90% of Survival is Behavior

Look, Listen, and Pay Attention
Then Act Accordingly.
Don’t do stupid things.

Most of us think of survival as coping with starvation or exposure in the wilderness, but that is only a small danger to your physical existence in modern society.  Most of your risk comes from driving your car, walking in the wrong neighborhood, or falling off a ladder.  Electrocutions, drowning, tumbling down the stairs, or getting knifed or shot by someone you know rounds out the threats to your life.

Here are an assortment of items in the news to give you an example of why behavior can give you a short ride to playing the harp in the afterlife.

Man calls a female police officer nasty name during a confrontation and she shoots him dead.  He was unarmed but apparently acting erratic and in the process of an emergency call she is faced with an aggressive guy who caught her on the wrong day.  He is no longer with us.

Lesson Learned:  Don’t get the police chasing you and especially don’t call them names when they have a gun pointed at you.

Woman and boyfriend jump from cruise ship and are lost at sea. 
Disappearances from cruise ships happen all the time.  Every now and then someone is seem jumping but getting pushed off probably happens often enough as well.   The Navy loses sailors on ships regularly as well, but you just never hear about it.

Lesson Learned: I’ll skip the Love Boat and spend my time at the beach.  If someone wants you in the water on a cruise ship they just have to pick the right time when you are unaware and unnoticed.  Here are some ideas if you must go on a cruise ship anyway. 

Woman falls off 17th floor apartment balcony railing in NYC.
This happens all the time too.  I hear about it at resorts where people get drunk and show off while doing headstands on the balcony or just sit on it like somehow they are immune to the laws of gravity.

Lesson Learned:  Don’t sit on balconies railings or railings of any kind for that matter if they are more than two or three feet above the ground level.  Also, don’t stay in the area if someone else is doing such a stupid thing since you might be blamed for pushing them. 

Man dies of electrocution after urinating on the subway third rail.
This may not happen all the time but it reinforces the thought about the risk of electrocution.

Lesson Learned:  Don’t pee on the the third rail with your third rail.  

Man dies while pooping on the subway tracks while between trains.
Why not go in an alley if you have to that bad.  And a second man was drunk and was hit by the train as well on the same night.

Lesson Learned:  Shall I state the obvious.  Don’t poop on subway tracks especially when trains on on them.

Elderly man run over by elderly woman’s car.
The woman suffered from a medical condition and it appears the man was run over by her car when it rolled back over him after hitting some other vehicles.  I had a friend who was run over by a car from an elderly woman who blacked out.  He died within minutes.

Lesson Learned:  Don’t hang around near elderly people who are driving and pay close attention to what they are doing.  I am not joking about this.  Often they have lost many of the observation skills that might prevent them from running you over.  Many are deaf so won’t hear you yelling or screaming.  When I get that old I hope to be riding around in a golf cart or have a chauffeur.

The Haves VS the Have Nots

Here is a good example of the beautiful people with cash feeling themselves above the rest of us get in front of the line to obtain nutrients that are in tight supply for preemies.   Use this as an example of where you will end up in line for food, gasoline, heating fuel, and medical care down the road if we get a collapse going.  There will be those who live above the rest of us and will look down on us like street urchins.  How can you avoid this fate.  Well, few options exist other than to live in a small town where personal relationships may count more than you position in society.   Short of that, store plenty of precious metals for trade of goods and services.