Fitness for Survival

Small Amounts of Exercise May Save Your Life
Exercise is important for your long term survival in many ways that include mental, physical, and cardiovascular health.  A new study indicates that even 12 minutes a week of intense activity can improve your physical condition by 10%.  What this means is that you have no excuse at all for not exercising for at least a small amount of time.   Even walking up and down the stairs until you are breathing hard is a good way to accomplish this task.

Survival benefits of this include improving your ability to handle a life or death survival situation that requires bailing out of a situation on foot at a rapid pace.  If you are out of shape the physical exertion combined with the emotional stress could induce a shutdown in the form of a cardiac event.  You hear about this all the time when an emergency occurs that some 40 or 50 year or man survives the incident only to fall prey to a fatal heart attack.  Improve your chances by improving your cardiac status.

Strength Training Prevents Injuries and Improves Performance 

An example of this could be with firing a handgun.  Some people do develop injuries from handguns due to muscle weakness, arthritis, and joint injuries.  Even a simple weight training regimen with a 10 pound dumbbell could improve your arm strength enough to improve your shooting scores and manual of arms performance.  Additionally, sustained firing of weapons does place a toll on the joints and muscles in one or both arms depending on how you practice.  Here is one site I came across where the author makes the case for weight training to train for handgun usage.  I agree with him though some of the exercises should be based on your needs so I would simply start with a dumbbell of minimal weight and begin from there.  If you want to get more exotic about it by taking on other forms of training other than curls or then start low and build  your abilities. 

Here is a study on grip strength that correlates the qualifying scores with a handgun and grip strength making the case for some strength training.

There are plenty of resources online to give your the proper exercises and techniques and some are even age specific.  If you are above age 50 you might check out dumbbell exercises for seniors.

Dumbbell Weight Training for Seniors
Dumbbell Exercises for Seniors

You could even search for sport specific weight training and while on that subject I should mention that taking up a sport that involves movement whether it is jogging, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, bike riding, basketball,  badmitten, or tennis can greatly improve your fitness in terms of endurance, strength, balance, speed, and agility.

Another thing is to use any opportunity to do exercises that need no equipment so here are a few.

The plank – this will build your core with nothing but you and the floor.

Here is a list of risky exercises and better replacements.

Do it now and improve your survival chances.  If you can’t fight you can run and if you can’t run you should still be able to shoot.  All of these require some type of training whether in the dojo, on the track, or at the range.   Train hard so you can function easily under pressure.

Pandemic Watch – Middle East Sars Like Virus – BIO WAR

 Here is the common thread on the virus risks prevalent now and those emerging.  They each have common characteristics that make them potentially catastrophic in the realm of global pandemics.  The first is ease of transmission though some are much more easily passed along than others making them much more of a threat.  The other is lethality which is what many of the new ones on the watch list present as the big risk.  If 50% of those that contract a disease die from it and it passes along easily from host to host before killing them you have a human world destroyer on your hands.

H7N9 Influenza Virus Raises Concerns due to ease of transmission.

New Bird Flu Virus Could Spark a Pandemic.

3 more deaths in Saudi Arabia from a SARS related virus brings the current total to 30 worldwide.

Middle East SARS like virus is on the March.

This is the kind of virus that could spell doom for a huge swath of the world population if it ever gets a solid foothold under proper conditions.

Frenchman dies after returning from a trip to Dubai, virus called threat to world.

The World Health Organization says that this represents an imminent worldwide threat.

New China bird flu resistant to Tamiflu.

What can you do.  Pray first that it doesn’t happen.  If you have a stand alone home then think of what it would take for you to stay home for 3 months and survive.  It might take longer but the idea is to separate yourself and your family from the rest of the population in the event of such a worldwide catastrophe.

Iran is working on biological warfare as a response to Western Superiority in other areas.
Smallpox, plague, SARS, Ebola, cholera, plague,  anthrax,  and encephalitis are the 8 main infectious agents they have in their arsenal.  Current research is geared toward weaponizing all of these for maximum transmission and to circumvent current vaccines.  Does this make you feel nice and safe since our borders are open so anything can be brought into the country.

U.S. – Currency Collapse Risk

What will we do if the dollar collapses?  In such an event where we also lose reserve status we will actually have to pay for what we consume there will be hell to pay for most consumers used to cheap products and easy credit.

What if the US dollars loses reserve currency status.  This is how it might look. 
Or this might be a version more optimistic that realistic.  Look at the Argentinian model and you’ll see devastation and social chaos devolving into crime and corruption.  I know we have most of that already but when it goes on a grand national scale where ridiculous prices, shortages, and panics are the rule of the day, you might see we could never easily recover from such a thing.  Or at least not back to our original way of life.  In fact, we have accomplished some of that already with the fundamental transformation going on courtesy of the executive branch with the intent on creating a monstrous government unanswerable to anyone but the ruling elite and certainly not the voters or tax payers.

The Chinese may have a plan to become the world reserve currency backed by gold.  If they do so it will spell the end of the U.S. Dollar and possibly our dominance in the world in other areas.

Jim Rogers on how no one gets out of this until there is a crisis.
And a crisis it might be first and foremost.  I still counsel many people to invest in two other precious metals long before they pile up gold in quantity and that is to own steel in the form of guns and knives and lead in the form of ammunition.  Had you purchased ammo over the past two years you increase in value would have been up to five times what you had paid for it.

Real assets will see you through according to Quintieri and he also says the collapse has begun. 
I agree with him in the sense that any form of paper is guaranteed to be worth less or worthless in the long run.  Our best hope is to have the means of food and energy production close to home and be able to live on whatever hard assets we have accumulated.  Hopefully there will still be work and some means of compensation for necessary services and products.  Beyond that, you might see a drop in hair salons while gun shops continue to have a thriving business.

What to do right now.

Here is a list of 20 items suggested by the economic collapse blog that will help you get through a collapse.
Buy things you need or will need if services and goods are much more expensive or unavailable.  This means storing food, household items that are continuously used, and the means to filter water.  What you don’t want to do is find that something you want is in short supply or unavailable such as .22 ammunition is right now except at highly inflated prices.

On a final note here is an article suggesting that you hide your money.  What form you hide it in is what matters.  Putting paper bills under a mattress isn’t as good as lead in the form of ammo or gold in the form of coins.  Other methods include simply buying forward into daily useful commodities such as powdered milk, canned goods, spare parts for items you use regularly, and even doubles of tools, products, or appliances to make sure you don’t have to pay double for it later on, if available.  Guns should be high on the list.

Sig P226 VS Glock 19 – Combat Sidearm Comparison

Striker vs Hammer, Polymer vs Steel

The Sig P226 is often touted as the chosen weapon of the Navy Seals thus giving it the stamp of approval as the best option out there for a combat sidearm.  I bought one partially on that assumption but also on the long standing reputation that Sig Sauer has for the production of premium grade weapons.  I am a Sig Fan to the extent that I agree they make an elegant weapon and have designs that originated a safe system of reliable operation that set a standard for fast-into-service combat sidearms.

The safe function of the weapon is one reason that I chose to try the P226 since I always wondered if I would some day have a negligent discharge with the G19.  Regardless of  the theoretical safety measures to me there is little standing between your training, loss of attention, a mistakenly pulled trigger, and a very bad day.  The long trigger pull in DA(double action) of the Sig P226 stands as a more reliable safety mechanism than the trigger safety of the Glock in my opinion.   Of course another option exists where you don’t carry a chambered round and chamber the round as part of your presentation into use.  While training this method can suffice though it is not the ideal.

Rather than spend a tremendous amount of time of technical aspects of the P226 I want to give you my take on this weapon compared to the newer designs that have over time surpassed this once innovative pistol, but time has now demonstrated some deficiencies compared to the improved and updated alternatives currently available.

A Maintenance Queen compared to the Glock
An all metal gun requires lubrication and the Sig P226 doesn’t like to operate without full lubrication on the rails and other working metal surfaces.   You can fire the Sig dry but it will wear the bearing surfaces on the slide and frame much faster and may notice it is not smooth in operation.   This does make the weapon one that requires more regular maintenance  than many are used to in the world of polymer guns like the Glock.  If you don’t have a penchant for consistent cleaning and maintenance on the weapon I suggest you consider staying with polymer.   Because many military grade weapons have an armorer to maintain them it is much more likely that these can be kept working in top condition.  The G19 doesn’t care and you can virtually operate it dry or simply oiled since the slick surfaces of polymer don’t seem to have any wearing effects on the steel slide.  I do add lubricant but know it is not critical on the Glock.

Take-Down Is Easy

Take-down is easy enough.  Just lock the slide back and rotate the take-down lever until it is vertical.  At that point you can remove the slide forward.  The P226 is very easy to take down.  I find  it is as easy the Glock19 when it comes to separating the slide from the frame.

Sig P226 Parts – 5 Easy Pieces

Once you’ve removed the slide you have 5 basic parts to manage which in that regard makes it an easy gun to clean.  The main thing is that you should clean it regularly and put gun grease on the rails to insure reduced wear on metal on metal surfaces contact points.  This is an intricate weapon to complete an armorer breakdown  despite the limited number for a simple take-down for cleaning and lubrication. 

Glock 19 Parts – 4 Easy Pieces

The Glock has a 4 piece take-down for cleaning and lubrication.  The spring is integral to the recoil assembly and guide rod so there is no chance of inverting the spring incorrectly or losing it.  The current cost of a recoil assembly for a Glock 19 is around $7  compared to the guide rod for the Sig at $14 and the spring at $8.  With a Glock you can have 3 extras versus one for the Sig at the same price.

Barrel Height Argument – Bore Axis

There is an argument about the higher than ideal bore axis in the P226 relative to the grip.  The effect of it is to make the front of the barrel push up with rotational force centered on the fulcrum of the hand on the grip thus driving the grip downward into the V between the thumb and index finger.  This direction of force puts strain on the hand and muzzle flip slows recovery efforts despite a heavy and longer slide and barrel.   The grip size has an effect on this so the original Sig grip size helped manage the flip by giving you a greater purchase on the weapon, but larger hands liked this grip better than small hands many of us have.  When I replaced the full size grip with the E2 grip it felt better in my hand but I felt a loss of control rather than an increase in recoil management.  Comparing the recoil of the standard Glock19 to the Sig P226 I find the recoil more manageable in a G19 weighing 7 ounces less which cannot easily be explained unless you include the barrel height, grip shape and size, recoil spring, and slide weight and length.  Unfortunately, no one has been able to decisively outline to my satisfaction what effect each of these has on the felt recoil of a given weapon likely because there are too many variables.  Individual choice and perception then comes into play.  So I am essentially giving you an opinion based on my experience to assist you in choosing a personal weapon system.  If you have trouble controlling the Sig P226 it may be due to the combination of a higher than ideal barrel height combined with grip size and shape to create a hard to mange firearm.

Specification Comparisons
I performed these measurements with a postal scale and tape measure.  The barrel height/bore axis determination was simply the highest point my hand could reach on the grip to the center of the barrel.  According to my interpretation Glock measures barrel height as the distance between the point furthest forward on the grip so the numbers come up differently but I don’t have Sig Specs on this and therefore needed to have a consistent means of measuring.  Converting this to a ratio or percentages should clarify the results. Other methodology might be more technically correct but the focus here is to get a ratio and percentage of the difference so that shouldn’t change appreciably regardless of method.  The bore axis of the G19 is 54% of the SigP226.  This means that the net effect of the rotational force on the Sig is almost double that of the Glock and despite the 7 ounce weight difference the Glock still has a feeling of less muzzle rise.

As you can see the Sig carries 7 oz. more in weight and you would hope a proportional decrease in felt recoil due to the added mass.  All things being equal this should apply but the shock absorption of the polymer combined with the comparatively low bore height gives the Glock 19 a discernible reduction in shock against the hand.  Muzzle flip also seems more manageable along with follow up shots.  Without a methodology to measure these variables we are left with subjective opinions and my opinion is that the Sig P226 has much greater muzzle flip than the Glock and also delivers considerable shock to the shooting hand that I never noticed in the Glock.

Sig P226 -Weight Unloaded 28.2 oz  – Bore  Height – Bore Axis to Grip Distance Approx 1.4″
Glock 19 -Weight Unloaded  21. oz  –  Bore Height – Bore Axis to Grip Distance Approx. .75″ (Glock identifies their bore height at 1.25″)

Bore Height:  Glock uses the term bore height in their specifications while Sig doesn’t include this information on their specification list.   Many writers have used the term bore axis but in specification literature it is probably best to stick with terms the engineers and manufacturers use.   I use both.

The image below is a 25 foot grouping I was able to get with a rental Sig P226.  The truth is that I could never match this group again with the one I later purchased.  I am a long term Glock shooter and found that I was aiming low on this gun.  Still I was impressed with the tight group and figured that I could eventually learn to keep it in a bulls eye.

As time progressed and I developed the ability to manage the muzzle flip and recoil which you can do but this takes a considerable amount of range time, at least it did for me.   Later when trying a P229 I found the muzzle flip less noticeable and less of a control issue.

My accuracy with the Glock is equal to this image but it will go to the bulls eye instead at 25 feet.   Much of this is training I am sure but the fact is that the Glock is more accurate than most shooters are so the issue is in learning to use the gun.

As an added bit of information.  I spent hard cash on a Sig action enhancement along with the SRT installation.  There is no doubt that this greatly improved the feel of the trigger and it did help my accuracy to the point where I was then close to my Glock 19 results with a factory trigger.  By this time I was well over $1200 invested into a handgun that wasn’t really a joy to shoot.  I also have a Sig P229 E2 that handles much better and seems to generate less muzzle flip.  The long DA trigger pull is something I would avoid but it does give you that element of safety on the first shot not available on the Glock.  I don’t like safeties at all since in a stressful situation it is really embarrassing to pull the trigger and get no movement.  If you ever had that happen at the range it is really disconcerting.  I still hesitate to say just get a Glock since you may be looking at other options for that added safety element that I have searched for so the search continues, but in the meantime I’d have a Glock 19 in my collection.

Trigger Reset
 The trigger reset point on a standard P226 is nowhere near as good as a Glock 19 reset point.  If you are trained on a Glock for the reset you will find the P226 difficult.  Also, you will find the long double action pull of the P226 hard to manage without considerable training.  The newer E2 versions of the P226 have a smaller grip and come with a short reset trigger (SRT), and will improve your performance and accuracy considerably.   If you have an older version or can get a good deal on a used one you can upgrade by purchasing the kit or sending it back to Sig for upgrade for around $100.  Often they will have a seasonal promotion that will allow you to upgrade at a much lower cost than usual.  Sig P226 Upgrades.

.22 conversion Kit

The .22 conversion kit works well for the Sig but it does have one issue related to function.  The Sig doesn’t hold open after the last shot unlike the Glock .22 conversion kit.  I don’t know if this risks damage to the firing pin like it does for most rimfire weapons but I usually found myself counting shots to prevent any possible damage.  Also know that you have to use high velocity .22 LR rounds.  The only ammo I found that works well in this conversion is .22 Mini Mags by CCI.

Why is the Glock 19 the Reference Comparison Weapon

 The Glock 17 is probably a more direct comparison in size to the Sig P226, but since I don’t currently have a Glock 17 I thought the 19 would substitute quite well.  Also, the P226 has a standard capacity of 15 rounds making it the same as the G19 in terms of capacity.  You can get aftermarket magazines for the P226 that will hold 18 rounds flush but you’d have to seek them out.  You can do the same with a G19 if you add an extender to give it a 17 round capacity.

Other reasons for comparing it to the Glock 19  are that it stands as the best example of current handgun technology and is the younger brother to the Glock 17.    It fills the role of a simple,  reliable, low cost, combat accurate weapon that is size and weight efficient.   It can fill the dual role of a service arm and a concealed carry weapon.   I also chose to compare the Sig P226 to the Glock 19 simply because I am a G19 user and have been so ever since that model came out in the 1980’s.    I am fully acclimated to the Glock trigger, reset, and safe handling methods and see the Glock weapon system as the basis of an ideal compromise between firepower and stopping power.  I did have a Glock 17 but found the grip size was better for me on the 19 and realized then as now that the G19 in general can be an all around all purpose sidearm.

.22 Ammo Shortage Update – Current Prices – Why is .22 LR in short supply.

Why is there a .22 Shortage

Just to give you an idea of why .22 is in such short supply here it my take.  Look at the shelves of most gun shops nowadays.  You will see a large assortment of carbine/assault weapon look alike guns that are actually nothing more than dressed up .22 semi auto rifles.  Where before you had the choice of a Marlin or Ruger you now have a S&W M&P .22, Colt AR22, HK in .22, and many others.  Lots of new gun owners have spent only a few hundred dollars less than the 5.56 versions of the weapon so that they can get the thrill of shooting a copy of the weapon but at a much lower cost.  With the rush for weapon purchases after another ban threat following Newtown many of these .22 weapons went out the door in place of center fire weapons that were simply not available in quantity.

Handguns in .22 have also enjoyed a renaissance with the 1911 .22 models out there and some new Ruger and Walther offerings in semi- auto handguns.  Of course there are also plenty of .22 revolvers out there as well.  Most of these were not on the market 10 years ago and many are as recent as 4 years ago. 

Along with these purchases comes a demand for .22 ammo and voila you have a shortage.  The rush for ammo followed it along with a health dose of hoarding by experienced shooters and newbies.   Look for a long term short supply that may not improve for a year or more.  Buy it when you see it as long as the price is not ridiculous.   Remember, there were shortages in 2002 and 2008 so hopefully this is just another bump in the supply road.

Current Pricing of .22

Gun Show Pricing – Top Dollar
.22 (550 Federal Bricks) at gun shows $100 = 18 cents per round up to 20 cents per round
.22 LR CCI 100 Rd in all flavors at guns shows $20 – $30 = 20 cents to 30 cents per round

Retail Prices

.22 (333 Remington Bricks) at Normal Retail outlets $22-$45 =  6 cents per round up to 14 cents per round.

.22 in baggies of 50 rounds lead tip Long Rifle (I’ve seen these at gun shops as they break down bricks to serve more customers)  $4.95 = 10 cents per round.

.22 LR CCI 100 Rd in all flavors $12.95 – $15.95 retail = 13 cents per round up to 16 cents

.22 CCI Segmented LR 8.95  for 50 rounds =  18 cents per round

I would try not to pay more than ten cents per round for standard .22 LR or 15 cents per round for High Velocity like CCI Min Mags or equivalent.

.22 Long Rifle Availability – Improving Slightly

Wally World gets small supplies of .22 bricks to come through in shipments at random according to employees.   Since the current limit of 3 boxes of ammo is in effect this would still allow a customer to walk out with 3 bricks.  One employee told me at a local store that 5 bricks came in and one customer took 3 at $21.95 each.  Meanwhile, you can get them for $100 a brick at gun shows so where do you think those 3 bricks might be getting resold.

Local gun shops in the Mid Atlantic States have received .22 bricks and CCI 100 round packs.  Most shops are showing pricing restraint so as not to alienate regular customers.  Many have 1 box limits per customer but have kept prices down.  100 Rd CCI Longs, shorts, and CB are showing up around $12.95 each through Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Sanfransicko – Low on Ammo 
They are right to worry that the state will impose draconian ammo taxes.  Advice:  Go to Nevada and buy it there if and when a state ammo tax kicks in.

Virginia – Lots of Ammo but it sells out right away.

West Palm Beach Florida shortage sparks profiteers online.

Collapse Update – Monuments Close, Military Cut, DHS Surplus

The Dollar will lose reserve currency status.
The  problem with this is that we will then have to pay our debts and will be unable to print money.  Get your hard assets now.  New order on the horizon.

Almost 11 Million on Disability
When you have the chance to collect your social security early, like by age 20 or 30 why would you want to work.  There are people doing this and still working on the side so it is nothing but a  transfer of wealth from the working class.  Expect this to end someday when the collapse occurs.

Budget Squeeze both National and Statewide
The death of an Empire appears close when you can’t bother to honor those who sacrificed.  U.S. war monuments decay and funding dries up.  Obama phones, cash for illegals, and money to our future enemies in the Middle East are still easy to justify though.  I wonder when Arlington will get hours reduced and maintenance cut, but I expect no time soon since the Kennedy Brothers are there.

Downsized Military – Supersized Department of Homeland Security
U.S. sees a reduced size and scope of the military.  These budget cuts and reductions come as untold billions are wasted in the name of  homeland defense which is more of a domestic security force currently used to manage the populace.  The government is turning on the population within the borders rather than defending it.  DHS has a near 100 billion dollar budget but can’t seem to find a way to protect the borders.

Woman With Knife Shot by Police
Costco worker becomes agitated and acts threatening with a knife is shot by the police.  This is another case of an incident where less than lethal force may have been sufficient.  Remember, the police are focused on their safety first, not yours, and certainly not if you are acting strange.    Odds are this woman was on medications or had a psychological issue. 

Situational Awareness – Defending Yourself and Your Neighborhood in the Multiculti Environment

Remember the Swedish and Katrina Models

The Swedes Know How to Trash a Country – Attack the Citizens and Protect the Looters

If you notice that in Sweden the police go after the citizens that work to protect themselves rather than the rioters and looters.  This is part of the multicultural model that requires an over-the-top response based on even the appearance of insensitivity to the overly sensitive immigrant groups that are foolishly welcomed into a once peaceful and functioning society.  The Swedes accomplished this  on their own without any prompting from outside NWO  proponents other than the diversity crowd among the citizens of Sweden of which there are many due to many many years of socialist indoctrination.  If you doubt this just watch the Lost Vikings of Greenland Video about how the Vikings in Greenland disappeared and you will note the disgust  that the scientist had for the idea that their ancestors would not associate or breed with Inuit.  Though there may be some truth to that it is the mindset that applies a current socially contrived morality to past societies that shows the blind arrogance of the  multicultural minions that have flooded the west with Islamic extremists and other societies more comfortable with dictatorships.  So now the citizens of Sweden are unable to protect themselves from attack since the police will turn on them.  Take note of this for it can happen anywhere and in particular the USA.

 Cops Convicted in Katrina Killings   And if you doubt it just remember that during any emergency the police and military can define the law any way they want to since they have the weaponry and perceived authority to make decisions that a day before violated all rules of law and the constitution. 

In Louisiana the Governor essentially gave the green light to the National Guard in shooting looters during the Katrina aftermath.  

What to gain from this:  In the event of a catastrophic event you should place yourself aware that you are in the way to most police especially if your neighborhood or town asks citizens to help the defense or defend themselves.  Often the military and police will disarm the civilians and anything that might be perceived as looting or theft can be met with instant execution.  Any mistakes will be lost in the fog of the emergency and if you haven’t noticed yet it takes a really egregious act by the police or military for anyone to be charged and convicted.

Watchword:  Keep a low profile and do not display your weapons unless needed.   Never go up against the police or military in such an event since they have more guns and can justify any act against a criminal and that is what you will be called if you happen to take a round.

Terrorist Watch – Beheadings Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon

You have a natural right to self defense except in Britain

 Imagine you are walking down the street and some guys with crazy eyes are running toward you yelling “Allah Akbar.”  You also notice that they have meat cleavers and knives as they are looking at you as their target.

Something like this happened in London today.  Soldier butchered in London attack by Islamic Terrorists.

Unfortunately, in Britain you can’t even safely carry a pocket knife to defend yourself so basically you either run or risk jail time yourself.  If you are New York City, Chicago, Maryland, and a few other place in the USA it pays to be connected politically to get a carry permit for a handgun and otherwise you are out of luck.  On the other hand, in many states you have a right to carry and only have to apply for the permit.  Some states like Arizona don’t even bother with that.  Since criminals and crazy people carry weapons whether legal or not it is nice to be able to be armed if you choose to do so.

They are here, our future killers.

Aside from the home grown killers we have imported many tens of thousands of Islamic radicals that want to cause havoc right here in the USA.  Keeping that in mind, I suggest you spend your time in places that they are less likely to travel.  Small town USA still has fewer of these out of place future terrorists since they tend to like to live where many different types of people live.  This means avoid the multicultural dumps like NYC or any large Eastern  City and you will virtually eliminate your risk.

Protect Yourself

Buy a handgun, train with it, and carry.  If you see crazed loons headed your way yelling “Allah Akbar,” and they have weapons you at least have an option to do something other than run or die.  So my final advice is to live where you can carry.  Don’t live where you can’t be legally armed.

When Darkness Falls – IRS Actions Indicate we have arrived

Darkness Has Fallen Across the Fruited Plain

You have seen it across the globe in the past such as in Hungary in 1956 in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union gulags, and in Iraq when Saddam gassed the Kurdish people.

Chinese Communist Brutality
You’ve witnessed it in China where in  Tienanmen Square protesters were shot down and crushed by tanks and may have felt awe and brotherhood with that courageous soul Tank Man who stood up a man against a tank and a brutal Empire.  His fate was later sealed I suppose since we never truly learned about his end but you saw a man do what was right and what was the only thing left for him to do.

American Citizens and Voting Process Abused at the Hands of a Deceptive Ruling Class

Can any reasonable person argue that the actions of the IRS in crushing TEA Party Organizations along with any other groups that opposed this regime in power now are any different in result than those of the KGB in the Soviet Union, the Stasi in the DDR (East Germany)  or the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.   These menacing, arrogant, and ruthless aggressors accomplished their task of holding onto power for another election so that they may build an unstoppable government machine.  The IRS is a tool and a very powerful and dangerous one at that.  It appears on the surface to simply represent a threat to your financial existence if you by chance come under their eye.  The other truth is that behind them are the guns of government that will take you by force if you are deemed a threat.  Try not paying your taxes as a protestor and see what the outcome will be.  You can expect at first to face trial and if convicted you will be forced by men with guns to attend a gulag called prison where rape, murder, and physical abuse equal torture and far exceed water-boarding.  This fate or the threat of it constitute an implied violence against you and yours if you do not submit not only to their demands for taxes but now we must comply with their view of how we should think, worship, and vote.  You know despotism when you see it and now you know it has come to the once land of the Free.

IRS Compared to Totalitarian Regimes

IRS Asks Group About the Content of their Prayers

Conservative Groups Stalled While Obama Foundation Breezes Through Approval

Lies Are Perpetuated by these Deceitful Power Hungry Politicians

We know the left still believes the man in charge but how can any reasonably intelligent person believe the words coming forth about this case from the President and his advisers when most anyone that has followed the news in the recent two years has heard of IRS assaults on conservative groups.  This was a planned and orchestrated operation coming directly from the leadership of the government and in particular those people in the executive branch.

They knew, they lied, and they are lying now. They knew in June 2012 before the election.
Lies to the contrary, how could they not know.  It benefited them and was clearly part of an overall election strategy to starve the opposition of funding for operations which they did quite effectively.  They did a great job except for one thing, they trashed the constitution in the process and have left many of us feeling something quite different from anger.  It is akin to the sense of disbelief and later disgust at your foolishness for believing any con artist that has cheated you out of something vital.  We note the stench of lies coming from the thieves of our freedom.  In this case these honor deprived haters took that thing we all felt was ours never to be stolen and that was our voice and sense of freedom to express our views without fear of retribution. This was a stolen election as a result of the intimidation and then later hiding of the fact.  The IRS specifically did not disclose this information before the election. 

Repression USA

Repression in the form of voter intimidation most likely explains why the Tea Party didn’t pull off a 2012 win against the administration and allies.    If nothing comes of this in the form of firings, jail time, and impeachment then you can rest assured they got away with it.  As it stands, they did get away with it since they do hold the power in Washington in both the Executive branch and the Senate.  Had knowledge of this atrocity against freedom been made public prior to the election it is very likely the outcome would have been different.

I would like to see the Chinese Communists have some fun with this by challenging our so called free and open election process as no better and in fact worse than their system.  At least they pretend a lot less to be free and open.  Our system is now a farce.

May it be When Darkness Falls, Your Heart Will Be True – Enya
The words of this song come to mind when thinking about how we have maybe reached that critical stage here in the USA where all does appear lost after finding out that the IRS has crushed the TEA (taxed enough already) Party movement and any other opposition.


Collapse Update – Economic and Cultural

 A Liberal Dream Come True – 100% Tax on Income

100% Tax on income in France.
The French have certainly found the path to economic catastrophe.  This appears to be the dream of liberal voters in the USA as well as the President and his minions.

 Student Debt Bubble May Collapse the College Bubble.

Student debt in the USA weights on the economy and on the future of students and small colleges.
The bad news is that so many students fell for the mantra put out by the College for everyone Big Education crowd.  They left these hopeful kids with nothing but great self images well out of proportion to their abilities and relative skills compared to many foreign students.  The economic fallout of this is much lower rates of marriage, births, and household formation while at the same time we import low skilled illegals to replace the births, households, and take the jobs on the lower end.  The Good News.  Fewer college grads in the future portends fewer minds given indoctrination on left wing ideology through the four wasted years of multicultural and diversity training,  partying, and anti American inculcation.  Expect the Democrats to demand forgiveness of these student debts to keep the college bubble growing a while longer.

Officer Safety First Above All – Victims and citizens are at risk from the police.

Police officer shoots student hostage in the head to protect officer safety.  In what is becoming a new form of execution and a debasement of the protect and serve model the hostage takes a much lower place on the totem pole than the safety of the officer.  Read the article and see.  If if were possible for the officer to evade the gunman and not shoot the hostage in his panic to save his own hide this girl might be alive.  A UK tabloid has a more detailed story on the victim and how they were singled out.  One other thing to notice is that the gunman followed these girls back from a bar  where he watched them living it up.  Conspicuous consumption has risk attendant to it that often does involve envy and desire for sharing in that wealth.  This version of the story doesn’t mention the police officer as the one that shot the student in the head. 

The Welfare State – USA

Educate yourself and the welfare state since we are just about 100% there.  Look to Britain as a great example.  The Welfare State by Charles A. Burris.