Why You Should Live in a State that allows Concealed Carry – Baltimore Beatdowns

The states like Maryland have an extraordinary number of group beatings of individuals is no surprise when you realize that those same groups have little to worry about when it comes to risk of an armed victim.  The state has seen to that.  Getting a carry permit in Maryland is mostly reserved for the well connected or for security personnel.  It is very onerous and time consuming to get the permit and to keep it.  Therefore most criminals know that your average citizen is unarmed while the criminals of course don’t worry about such little things as violations of the law.

Visit Baltimore for the Beating of your life.

Here is the type of thing you can expect when you come to Maryland and by chance pick the wrong place to have a dinner or a drink.  It might even be a nice place but if the crowd in attendance that night contains a gang of thugs you may get your head dashed in out in the parking lot.

St. Patrick’s Day Beating  

Here is the video and photo record of the group beating on St. Patrick’s day.

More video of this beating.

Restaurant Beating by Teenagers in Baltimore   14 year old charged.

Tatoo Artist on Lunch Break Beaten on Streets of Baltimore

Racial attacks in Baltimore

Baltimore Hair Stylist Attacked on Street – Claims hate crime.

This long list that does not include many of the daily beatings that occur in the city of Baltimore is one reason to stay out of that city and also to consider not living in any state that would leave you disarmed and subject so such brutality.

Global Cooling – Just another version of climate change

The Inconvenient Truth about Climate Change

It is comical to watch the global warming crowd pivot into the general usage of climate change as their reason to justify taxes and ever more control over private activity.  It does become an inconvenient truth when we can observe that whatever they are trying to sell us on is not what is happening.  Right now we have the second coldest Spring in the USA and I can tell you that it has seemed to drag out winter here.

The Coming Ice Age

So now the Russian scientists are bringing us back to the predictions of a long term cooling trend that may usher in a mini ice age.  That was the big fear back in the 1970’s long before global warming became the mantra of the far left environmentalists.   

So what does this have to do with your survival.  Mostly I suggest it means to look with a skeptic’s eye at news reports that try to convince you of any major change in our climate.  Yes, it can happen.  But usually this happens over decades and centuries rather than an overnight shift.   There are examples such as the dust bowl back in the 1930’s that were a combination of drought and poor farming practices that caused disasters that can be attributable to human activity. 

Preparing for Crop Failures – Food Shortages

If there is one preparation that can help you get through a drought or crop failure it is putting away some extra food supplies and water.  Shelter you can create as you need it and I expect you already have that handled.   Just a reminder.  Have guns to help you hold onto your food, water, and shelter.

Mass Extinctions by Impact Events

Many more though just are simple changes in conditions brought about by volcano eruptions, sun spots, and objects  that strike the planet.    Examples include impact events involving large asteroids or meteorites that can change the climate overnight with the resultant dust cloud of the strike blocking the heat from the sun for a many years.  Such an event could spell the end of humanity as well and would put us into the catalog of mass extinctions brought about by an external object striking our planet.

Planning for an Impact Event

Can you plan for these.  I think so.  My planning includes having an extra slice of pie for dessert and maybe even having that slice before the meal since you never know when that meal might end.  Boom. 

“Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.”  Ernestine Ulmer

Ammo Shortage Update – DHS Denies It is Causing Civilian Shortages

Of course they are denying it since what else could they do when caught red handed.  DHS says they are using this ammo and not storing it.  This makes little sense since they have purchased huge amounts of hollow point ammunition which is not range ammo.  They have around 1k more rounds per employee than the Army based on calculations. 

With this much ammo on order and some arriving daily it is apparent that there is some intention in this project.  They claim it is not intended for civilians.

Forgive me for doubting the word of politicians and leaders of organizations that cater to politicians.  This shortage looks manufactured to me.  Get what you can while you can get it.

Here is another article about ammo shortages as it describes Sierra and if you notice the tone of the article is amazement that employees and others associated with this company aren’t feeling guilty somehow.  This is bias in reporting. 

The Republicans are now introducing legislation to limit ammunition purchases by government agencies to stop the clear strategy of government induced ammo shortages.  

GAO investigating DHS on Ammo Purchases

The new gun control strategy is to target explosive devices including ammo for background checks.  This is part of the end around for gun control by other means.

The Bullet Bubble and when will it end.

Threat Update – Bird Flu, Terror Attacks, EMP, Economic Collapse

 Knowing the threats you face is the first step to survival.

Pandemic Watch

 China Bird Flu Risk Increasing.
The pandemic risk is now increasing with the advent and detection of a new bird flu strain that transmits more easily to humans.  More dangerous is the risk of human to human transmission.  Once that jump occurs where you can easily pick it up from others we have the danger of a global pandemic with a flu virus that is highly lethal.
 The most lethal to date.

Taiwan confirms first h7n9 case outside of China.

NIH is concerned about human to human transmission. 

Sex Superbug worse than AIDS

Terror Watch

Boston bombing suspects were on welfare.  So the state helps to educate and finance attacks on the population.

EMP – Grid Down Watch

North Korea represents a critical risk to U.S. infrastructure in an EMP attack.

Economic Collapse Watch

Stockman wars of Economic Collapse risk.

Gun Show Strategies for Protecting Your Second Amendment Rights

Guns shows are an essential part of maintaining the 2A.

Gun shows are an original American experience.
I  go to a lot of gun shows and in fact I used to be a  vendor at them and may be again some day.  It is a great hobby and part time business as you’ll notice especially in light of the huge surge in demand for gun related products such as ammo, lights, holsters, and myriad assorted and associated products.

Support your local gun shops and traveling vendors by attending gun shows.
While gun shops struggle against the restrictions of governments many of them use gun show set-ups as a way to keep their business alive.  When you go to shows and buy from many of the FFL vendors you help maintain the vitality of the supply chain for firearms and the related products.

Experience freedom and history unlike any other place of commerce.
Get a feel for what is must have been like in a free country as you peruse the one realm of commerce that drives the Big Government types crazy.  Make no mistake that they would like to do away with gun shows because it is where open talk of freedom lives and where the tools that allow such talk are sold and traded.

Information is one of the least expensive products available at gun shows. 
Every weekend somewhere you have a show that comprises a breadth and depth of gun related knowledge not found anywhere else.  Free advice and expert opinion is available at most tables for the asking especially as it relates to their specialty which is described by what they have on the table.  If you have an AR-15 part or add-on question just find someone that sells such items and often in the hopes of selling you their wares they will share specific information that can solve your problems.

Stay up on what shows are coming to towns near you.

Find your local show.  Gun show directory. 

Life in the USA without the Rule of Law – WROL

 Life is hell without the rule of law and we are headed in that direction.

Uncertainty breeds anxiety.  A breakdown in the rule of law is the ultimate uncertainty.  Right now Americans are under great stress and are snapping.

Here is a list of examples showing that the rule of law is breaking down.  

In most cases it is a conscious decision by government officials to ignore their oaths and the law.
When you have a Federal Government that chooses to ignore the laws protecting us against foreign invasion by large scale illegal immigration you will have many of the offenders scoffing at the law.
 Illegals mock border agents that they will be set free by the President.

When police make their own laws we are in danger.
When the police decide that they can do anything they want as now they are above the law you will find them overbearing. Texas soldier charged with rudely displaying a weapon.  Police are making thing up now when it comes to the law.

When the police run or ignore please for help we are in danger if not armed.
When riots hit and the police in LA effectively went on strike all those slogans about protect and serve tend to lose their sheen.  Add to that all the feel good slogans about stopping gun violence by taking guns away from citizens when the gun may be the only thing that saves you, your home, and your business.
No police during the LA riots to protect you.  Here is a video of a Representative from Utah as he reads letters from constituents about the right to protect yourself with firearms. 

When a person steals it is criminal but when a group is allowed to by the government it is policy.
When the government takes private property and gives it to others while ignoring the law you then have financial tyranny best compared to what a king or an oligarch might do.   GM shareholders are left holding the bag while the unions are handed the company. 

A government that uses the threat of military force to subdue the populace has lost legitimacy.
When the government feels that it can arbitrarily demonstrate its power over us by instituting martial law whenever some minor event comes about it is simply an exercise in conditioning the populace to submit.  Boston is under martial law over one missing bomber and unarmed citizens of Boston are told to hide in their homes.  Do as you are told.

Pictures of Boston under De Facto martial law

 Presidential Order 13063 – Seizing Control

Colorado, Maryland, and other States Are Creating Gun Sale Headaches

Some States are Carelessly or Intentionally Delaying Gun Purchases Up to 8 Weeks

Disrupting the Supply Chain for Guns

A number of states have substantial delays in approving purchases and are now causing hardships to gun shops and distributors.  I’ve called around to gun shops in various states with these background check problems and they tell me a trickle of applications come in daily but this also means they have hundreds of guns in safes awaiting delivery to purchasers.  Many small gun shops then have inventory problems since earlier in the panic they only asked for 25% -50% down they now have a huge amount of cash invested in inventory that normally would turn over in 8 days or so.  This cash flow problem effectively has trashed the supply chain since now many dealers are slow paying wholesalers which of course means no further inventory shipments.  Since the wholesalers are running into cash problems they may be facing delivery problems from the manufacturers.  Still, some well financed retail operations are getting regular shipments by purchasing on auction sites or through online gun sale dealers.

Colorado Has a Massive Backlog of Gun Sales.

According to the WSJ there is a backlog of thousands of gun purchasers that have to make it through the state background check system in Colorado.

Colorado 9-10 days for approval versus 15 minutes before the crunch. 

Oregon has problems with system “glitches” that stops the approval process

Glitch in background checks.

Maryland is the Champion of Delays
 60 Day Delay (8 Weeks)  in Maryland is now common for gun purchases as of April 2013.

First off when I mention the word approval you have to know that in Maryland they actually don’t approve you they only stamp NOT DISAPPROVED in big stamped red letters on your application which means you are okay to pick up your purchase.  Obviously the wording is the State saying that we couldn’t come up with a justification for stopping this purchase but we don’t approve of it and surely don’t want to be accused of approving it if you do something with the gun that could make us look bad.    It is fun to drop by Maryland gun shops and see the look of relief and joy some poor supplicant (applicant) gets on their face when they see their “Not Disapproved” approval from their State Police.

In Maryland initial problems in January began with a 3x longer wait for approval.  The normal time was 8 days or so.    Later in March it moved to 6 week delays. 
Now in April it is 8 weeks and will hopefully for those poor souls living there stay at that or go back down to 20 or 30 days.  The 8 day delay is probably a thing of the past there in Maryland.

As the rush to purchase firearms began to build the delays have now extended to 60 days or longer.  This means if you try to buy a regulated firearms in Maryland which includes pistols and what they deem assault rifles you will be sitting around in mid April waiting for your mid February gun purchase to get approval.   

The backlogs continue to grow and now up to 10,000 people are waiting for action from their State Police to receive their NOT DISAPPROVED permission to own what is a 2nd Amendment right.

No Delays in Surrounding States – so this appears either bureaucratic, intentional, and most likely both.
 Surrounding states like Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia are set up with the federal background check system that allows you to walk out of the gun shop with your purchase in hand in a much shorter time.  I have witnessed purchases in Delaware that took all of ten minutes between the desire to own a particular handgun and when the new owner is walking out the door with it or taking it to the range.

Intentional delays are purposeful denials of gun rights.

Since the states with the delays are generally ones that have new gun laws on the books restricting sales that will become effective in a few months the chance to delay and slow down the supply chain means they are actively denying the rights of potential gun owners. 

Ammo Scarcity Continues

 Find what you can and pay what you have to if you need it now.

The demand for ammunition is high especially in light of the recent terror attacks and also the seeming determination of the government to strangle supply by creating large order bottlenecks.

Examples abound here.

Wally World Ammunition Shelves are empty on the East Coast.  Unless you plan to pick up shotgun rounds just forget it for now.  I haven’t seen any pistol ammo in well over a month there.

Pompano beach Florida is seeing a run on ammo.

Clovis Calif. sees shortages so many are searching at gun shows. 

Is the DHS purchase part of a design to limit availability?

So now the military is under pressure to find ammunition.  It turns out that despite some dedicated manufacturers like Lake City that a lot of ammo the military uses for training comes from the same sources as the U.S. military.  Critical ammo shortages causing problems for the U.S. military.

Meanwhile there are reports that the military is back in the habit of destroying brass rather than reselling it.

Is this supply and demand or something more? 

9mm shortage is a backdoor attempt at gun control by another name.   You would think a normal Federal agency would consider the effect they might have on the public when they make outsized purchases of ammo.  The continued increase in orders by DHS and other agencies only confirms that some planning or consideration might have limited the dislocations currently in the ammunition market, but the Administration seems to have no concern whatsoever about this.  Meanwhile the media never even asks the question “Why does DHS find it necessary to make such long term orders and don’t give us that story about saving money. ”  That is the last concern of any Government agency.

Colorado Gets a Boycott Over Gun Law

With the gleeful delight of anti-gun anti-2nd amendment types in Colorado the Governor signed a bill that has blackballed the state  among hunters and gun owners.  States like NY, MD, NJ, and Connecticut are expected to show such disregard for the constitution since they are so clearly in the Democrat domain.  It is only lately that it seems Colorado has become a dumping ground for far left trendies and it has now taken the rights of gun owners as a clear result.

Here are some of the results of this:

Hunters Pledge to Boycott Colorado

Hunters Boycott Colorado

Magpul to Leave Colorado

Hopefully other states that have large firearm related businesses will take note of the outcome in Colorado.  I will never send another dime to that state or plan further trips there.  Please join me and many others in this project.

Ammo Price Update

 Ammo Price update as of 4/16/2013

These are national averages of gun show info based on what I have seen, my friends, and acquaintances  whom I have spoken to around the country.  I also confirmed these prices by checking online auctions for gun supplies.  As you can see. .22 is crazy.  There too many buyers and not enough supply on the shelves.  Factor in shipping if you buy online.

.22 Brick (550 rounds)  —  $100+

.22 CCI Mini Mag (100 rounds)  — $20+

.17 HMR  (50 rounds)  — $15

.22 WMR (50 rounds)  — $15-20 when available

.380 auto  FMJ(50 rounds) — $30+

9×18  FMJ(50 rounds)  ——– $25+

9×19 FMJ (50 rounds)———$20+

.40 S&W FMJ (50 rounds)—-$30+

.45 ACP  FMJ  (100 rounds)  $50+

.556 FMJ  55gr brass  (20 rounds) $19-25
bulk prices are better  1000 rounds down to $.75 per round.

.556 Green Tip 62 gr  (400 rounds with ammo can)  $400

.308  FMJ  surplus $1 per round or less – this stuff hasn’t spiked in price like .223/5.56