When Democracy Dies – Here are the steps

Grab industry under the guise of saving it.

Create a national health care plan that encompasses all aspects of life.

Control media output.

Build a national security force to manage internal risks.

Sound Familiar?  We’re 3/4 of the way there.

A retired Special Forces Commander outlines in detail how it will work.

Military resources are rerouted to internal pacification.

How to Defend Yourself – A shotgun Primer

They didn’t specify what kind of ammo this homeowner used but at close range it could have been bird shot and still done the job.  The ideal is probably #3 or #4 buckshot but 00 is still what everyone hypes.    What you want is penetration and shock without over-penetration of walls.  00 can over-penetrate.

Homeowner defends his property.

If you want the means to defend yourself and your home then a 12 or 20 gauge pump shotgun will do the job.  You need to practice with it though.  Don’t expect that if you point it in the general direction of your target that you’ll hit it.   Check the spread pattern at 15 or 20 feet to see what I mean.  Put up a big cardboard box or a silhouette to see what a specific round of ammunition will do.  Don’t leave it to chance.

The two best choices for a shotgun for home defense are the Mossberg 500 or the Remington 870.

20 gauge is less recoil so if you have someone that might be recoil sensitive expected to use it then go with a 20.

12 gauge is the mother of all firepower so think of that as the one you might choose if you are the only one to use it and you are familiar with recoil from shotguns.

Steal the Money the EU Way – USA Next?

What could be easier than just shutting down access to your accounts while they take whatever percentage they deem necessary.  This is how the EU did it.

Ferfal has his take on it and it makes good sense.

Is the USA next on the list.

Blame it on the Germans.  British will bail out the lost money of their citizens.

Banksters Bailed Out Again by taking the money from the little people.

While you lay away piles of money for retirement here in the USA and think that this could never happen here I suggest you are in denial.  They are already doing it by printing money and inflating away the value of what you do have.  It is easier to do this way and appears less brazen.  We are really the only country that can do this since we are for now the reserve currency.  Later, maybe much later, our leaders may still resort to this way of stealing our wealth.  But for now, printing money works just as well.

Psychological Strain During War

Though we may not end up in a war or even violent times punctuated by lulls and normalcy any abnormal situation can place strain on individuals and groups.  Usually there are those more capable of handling it and who also counsel others.  Be careful for yourself or whomever that is for it usually takes a toll on them as well.  You can’t save everyone though here is an example of someone who tried.

Here is a story of a U.S. Military Psychologist who gave everything he had to help others and by doing so eventually had nothing left for himself. His name is Peter Linnerooth.

The story is gut wrenching and I’ll remember it with sadness. 


When the rule of law falls then we’ll be seeing lots of these around.  Actually, the rule of law appears on the decline anyway based on a string of end around maneuvers against congress by the executive branch.  This can’t bode well.

DHS gets MRAP APC on the road to normalize their presence.

Gun Seizures are part of the Federal Plan.

States Tell Feds to take a hike on new gun laws.

Survival Storage Containers

Plastic Buckets are a an all purpose solution.  – Cheaper than dirt has a great article on plastic buckets.

Ammo Cans are also an excellent means of storage especially of course for ammo.

If you buy one at a gun show here is what to look for to make sure it is functional.

Avoid old rotted gaskets in the lid.  Look for new and shiny ones if possible.

Make sure the can can be locked closed.

Avoid those with rust.

Be careful about repainted ones.  It usually means rust beneath the surface.

Make sure the handle works.

Check the smell of the can on the inside.  If it has a chemical odor I would pass since you never know what was stored in there previously.  Most ammo does not add a smell to the can so something else was probably in there and if you decide to store MRE rations or anything with paper or plastic it will probably take in the smell and you’ll have to deal with it in the future as you use the product.

Top Ten Ammo Can Uses  I thought you might find this blog post useful.  He has some good ideas.

The Mental Hospital Scam to Confiscate Guns

 This could go national while California runs the pilot program for gun confiscation with stringent mental health rules that are of course easily manipulated for gun seizures.

The Soviets were very good at using the mental health excuse to remove someone they didn’t like from society or their job.   California is following close behind with a deceitful and underhanded way of removing guns from homes whenever an opportunity arises.  Even though they don’t have door kicking authority yet for the mental health rule they usually just politely ask unsuspecting gun owners to allow them in the home and to show them where they store their guns.  Once that is accomplished they just seize the guns, period.  Try to get them back.

California leads the way in Gun Confiscation

California Senate Approves $24 million for gun confiscation during era of extreme budget problems.

Gun Grabbing in Calif. Gone Wild

Here is how they accomplish their goal of gun confiscation.

First they create the database of gun ownership and then they come up with a pretext for taking the guns.  Right now they call it collecting them as if they are just sitting out there to be had or picked.  The mental health justification seems reasonable enough for most to see this as a noble excuse for taking someone’s firearms.  Later this can be expanded to include those that didn’t pay their taxes on time, or have some outstanding parking tickets.  Even an unkind post online or a letter to the editor could later be given as a evidence of anger issues that show lack of self control.