States will pay for Idealogical Purity on Gun Control

The states that have recently gone for draconian gun restrictions are now facing a backlash.  In Colorado there will a tax loss to the state when Magpul leaves and others may follow.  Lots of states are offering themselves as prime relocation sites portraying themselves as gun friendly.

Magpul may leave Colorado as states line up to offer it a home.

There will be much more on this story as gun owners eventually develop a map of states that should be boycotted across the board for their Soviet like mentality toward citizen rights.

Remington to open a plant in Alabama

Stopping an Attack – Does size matter?

I found this site and the information very interesting with great analysis of actual real world factors in stopping or dropping an assailant.

The main thing I took from it was to make sure that you punch a hole in the target at least 12 inches deep regardless of caliber.  I knew this already but this also explained that often simply notifying the target that it has been hit usually causes them to fall down.  So the object is to actually hit your target with anything even if it is a .22 versus sending a fusillade of .44 magnum wide of the target.  Somehow a .22 coming out of an AR15 at 2700 FPS  is worthy of respect by big caliber handgun aficionados while a .22 coming in at 1000 FPS from a pistol is a mouse gun according to same big caliber adherents.  By the way, many of these same guys will run like a scalded dog when chased by a wasp or hornet that hasn’t even stung them yet but apparently have no fear of that said mouse round that they have never actually faced.  Where is the truth on this.  I think most people that are shot will take note rather soon especially when reminded with multiple strikes whether it is a .22 or a .45.  Personally I am a fan of the .22 in all of it’s incarnations such as the
.22LR,.22 WMR, .223, 5.56 AR-15, 5.45 AK74, 5.7mm FNH 5.7 & P90.

Are Government Ammo Purchases for a Prolonged Domestic War

This is the story according to a popular radio announcer.  He predicts that the Feds are preparing for a total collapse of our society and expecting the need to suppress the populace.

Whether this is actually the case it seems to have the average citizen spooked enough to go out and buy a gun, get some ammo, and begin training.

Somehow, this seems like it may not end well.

Russia Buying Gold

If you pay attention to what Russia under Putin is doing it should send shivers down your retirement account holdings.  If as Putin seems to predict, that the US is abusing the world economy through our currency then you know he finds holding gold is the only solution to protect his country from the vagaries of dollar denominated wealth. 

Putin buys Gold For Russia

As an individual it pays to note this as you determine where you want to put your wealth.  I’d find some hard assets.  Gold, Guns, Food, and Real Estate generally fit the bill.

Under the guns category I’d focus on ammo once you have all the weapons you want.

Glock 17 – United Kingdom New Sidearm

British Forces to switch to the Glock 17

This should be the final decider on how great the Glock line is when it comes to military guns.  It would take a lot for the Brits to move away from their long term sidearm, the Hi-Power.

The only sad thing is that the U.S. military never went with it when they should have which was back in the 1980’s instead of going with the Beretta.  That is just my opinion of course but it was base on having tried both weapons and seeing early on what a gem of design a Glock 9mm was despite the so called ugliness many saw in it.  I somehow saw it as pretty in a toothy farm girl kind of way.  It had a raw simplicity that has held it as the best for the past two plus decades.  This choice by the UK only confirms it in my eyes.