Tick Diseases Continue to Expand

As if there weren’t enough things to worry about here we have a newly diagnosed disease from ticks.  Tick diseases are a major risk for those in suburban and rural areas and you should keep yourself informed on the symptoms and treatments.  Many doctors aren’t up to date on the latest information.

Identifying ticks and the diseases they carry

Biological Threat to Humans Near

The antibiotic resistant strains that are showing up daily are bringing us to the point of danger for even simple cuts or surgical operations.  Some day there may be no recourse and we’ll be back to the days before antibiotics.   This story outlines the threat.

IBM develops a gel through nanotechnology and bioengineering  to combat superbugs.

Collecting Your Guns on Their Schedule

It is inevitable it seems.  If you look at New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, California, and any others I might have left out you’ll see that a good portion of the population of the country already lives in a controlled battle-space as the military likes to describe it.

The first part of subjugation is to identity those that will put up resistance.

The second part is to have them register their weapons.

The third part is to neutralize them through fear and disarmament.  At first the law put into place for turning in your weapons will seem soft and cuddly.  They’ll give you a certificate or a tax credit for the value of your weapons as you move along the line into the sheep pen for your final shearing.

As the group of recalcitrant gun owners gets smaller the pressure will build in the form of governmental punishments for non-compliance such as no social security check, no tax refunds, no driver’s license, revocation of professional licenses,  cancellation of your insurance of all types, eventual home seizures, and taking your passport.

Final Act:  Part Three – Those that don’t capitulate completely will be either jailed or killed.

After that you will be a subject and no longer a citizen.

Here is a radio interview with Ron Paul where he mentions that they do want to collect our guns.

The Militant Pro Big Government Movement

Here is a story about how West Point is focusing on Violent Right Wing Terror while the anarchist and occupy movement just finished a summer of crime.  Meanwhile murders in the cities skyrocket and Islamic Terror continues unabated worldwide.  What observation can any rational person make of this other than to recognize that the target is core culture of the United States, working whites that vote conservative and believe in Christianity.

The Coming Battle Over Gun Ownership

Some of the best videos put together for the purpose of understanding the purpose of civilian ownership of guns as outlined in the bill of rights are those done by NUTNFANCY on youtube.  This guy is good.  He’s literate, well spoken, and intelligent.  Add to this list that he is pro freedom and in strong favor or armed Americans.

The Minuteman

The Greater Good Part 1

The Greater Good Part 2

The Greater Good Part 3

Take the time to watch these since he makes great arguments in favor of gun ownership and how the left tries to demonize gun owners.

Buchanan has some good points to make on the current state of things related to black rifles and gun ownership that is now enhanced due to the threat of a total gun ban.

Iowa Democrat wants confiscation.

The list of who hates guns.

Gun Sales in Atlanta  – Way Up
Guns Sales in Savannah – Way Up

President may issue Executive Order

Predictions and Updates

 Economic Collapse Blog gives you some things to look forward to in 2013.  Actually, they said these are things that will stink for 2013.  I was trying to put a positive spin on things.

A view of what might be in store for 2013.  Even if only a few of these come to pass we are in for misery and stress.  I suspect in the case of some of these prediction we’ll get half the way there this year and the rest at their convenience.

How Johnson used the civil rights issue to further his political aims despite his racist views.  The same thing goes with the anti-gun lobby that has no problem using guns to protect themselves or to keep the citizenry in line.

Secret program to protect the power grid.  Privacy concerns.

Online Security

I thought I’d pass this along to those I know or those that read this post.  The TOR browser is supposed to limit your online visits from tracking and surveillance.  I think this is the case.  On the other hand it could be set up by a Federal or International agency to find those people that don’t want to be tracked.  Your call.  I use it on the hope it works as advertised and based on the opinions of others more knowledgeable than me in the realm of computing I think it has merit.  If nothing else it will keep them busy with another browser group to monitor.


Vomiting Larry and Pandemics

Norovirus is one of the nasty ones to currently operate unfettered around the world.  Essentially you spray liquid from both ends and many that are infected get hospitalized while some die.  To learn how easily you can become infected from one of these viruses makes you want to live in a cabin out in the Tetons and to stay away from all people just to avoid this one.  So what do we do?  At a minimum you should scrub your hands repeatedly when coming into contact with objects that are touched often by humans and according to studies the virus can live for days in fabric meaning even that chair in the doctor’s office could be the thing to take you down.  So unless necessary, I’m staying out of doctor’s offices.

So where does vomiting Larry come into play.  Well, he’s an electronic vomit machine modeled after a human to help figure out how easily the virus can spread.  The news about Larry is that someone infected is not only highly contagious but the spread of this disease is very easy and rapid due to the very small amount of virus particles needed to get things going.  Bottom line, stay away from anyone that appears infected with this one or anything that resembles it.

Projectile vomiting machine helps scientist analyze spread of virus.

Gun Buybacks Are for Fools

The history of gun buybacks is one where mostly uninformed people in possession of weapons they themselves didn’t purchase end up giving away good guns for little money.  More importantly they are giving away their sole means of self defense. 

The actual results of these buybacks are sadly more crime against innocent civilians unable to protect themselves.  Britain and Australia have seen large increases in violent crime as a result of their gun bans and eventual collection of them for destruction in the smelter, though I bet many never made it there and instead ended up in police collections.

Gun buybacks in the USA are laughable.  They get very few so their effect is nil other than to make idiot liberal mayors feel good.  Let us all hope that nothing like the British and Australian model ever comes to pass in America.  We know that the left would like to forcibly take them from all owners since they believe that only the police, military, and their personal bodyguards should have them.

For us it is necessary to remain vigilant against these forces of totalitarianism as they attempt to consolidate power and remove the one remaining means of halting their every expanding demand on our freedoms and property.