National Gun Registration

Full national gun registration is on the agenda for 2013 if our politicians have their way.  They want your guns and allowing the state to have a monopoly on weapon ownership and use is their goal.  Americans are voting against this with their wallets.

Here is a link to the outline for a law proposed by Senator Feinstein and it contains all of the worrisome things that any freedom loving gun owning American should fear.  It appears to include semi-auto handguns based on the descriptions.  Get ready for your fingerprinting and probably a very high yearly fee per weapon.

One step that might have made a ban and registration more difficult is the huge number of new gun buyers since the threat of a ban has been discussed. 

Get Your Guns, Mags, and Ammo Now

The run is on for AR-15 and M4 variants, AK variants, weapon magazines, and ammunition.

I’ve been in half a dozen gun shops in the past few weeks after the election and right after the Connecticut tragedy.  There is a mad scramble on to buy up what is perceived to be on the coming banned list.  This really is Deja Vu all over again, just like Yogi said.

Here is a short and simple video for 5 handguns you should own.

Here is a short video for 5 assault weapons you might want to buy before a gun ban.

Back in 1993 and 1994 the same thing happened before the Assault Weapon Ban went into effect.  It was a madhouse at gun shows where people were willing to pay almost anything for an AK drum.   30 round AR15 or AK mags began selling for $1 per round of capacity which was six times what I was used to paying.   HK91/G3 magazines were going for $40 each which was double the $20 they went for before the rush.  Glock magazines were going for $50 on up.  I paid $55 for a few and watched people shelling out $30 for AK mags where just two years before I found stacks of East German mags going for $5 each.  I wish I had bought the whole pile of them instead of just a few.

Needless to say, there was a rush on weapons as well.  For those of us fortunate enough to have purchased all we needed before the rush it was fun to watch.  Some even cashed out and made a fast profit.  It seemed permanent then and especially when the ban came into effect.  The new normal was pre-ban guns like AR15 variants and AK variants going for well over $1k.  HK91 .308 rifles were going for almost $2K.  Hell, now they’re almost $3K.

I’ve checked the online sites where you could normally buy either a PTR91 or an FAL in .308.  Both of these are in short supply.  Almost all AK models are unavailable for the moment or maybe for good depending on how quickly the executive order is signed to ban imported parts, magazines, and ammunition.  If a full blown ban goes into effect then the availability shortage will run prices straight up to the sky.    Magazines for Glock and other popular models have all but dried up online and I’m sure the price at gun shows will be crazy.  AK mags are gone from most online stores as well.   Ammo is tight too.

So here is what I recommend.  If you have a handgun and only have a few magazines at least get yourself on the email notification list when magazines are back in stock.  Buy any ammo you can find that will work in your guns.  And lastly, and I hate to say it, but since you waited to buy either an AR or AK, you’ll have to bite the bullet and pay what they are going for in this current market.

If you want some quick recommendations I’d suggest just getting an SKS and lots of ammo if you are tight on money.   Hopefully you have a handgun already so you just need to locate extra magazines.  I’d prefer a dozen mags or more per weapon but if you must limit yourself get at least four.

Whatever you do, don’t wait much longer or you’ll regret it.

Cops talk about how they will respond to an order for gun confiscation.

The Run to Hard Assets and Middle Class Collapse

For those of your paying attention the dollar is becoming toilet paper.   Our once beautiful dollar is headed to the ash heap of history.   It makes sense to get hard assets instead of fiat money, and here in the USA the biggest run into investments is guns, gold, ammo, and land.  So this can’t end well.

“This is the end, beautiful friend, my only friend, the end.”  Doors, The End Lyrics by Zimmer and Hans Florian

People are hoarding coins.

Chinese Investors and getting rid of dollars too.

China buys U.S. battery maker.

U.S. out as sole superpower by 2030.  Optimistic Aren’t they?

Half of America would kill to protect their own.

The Middle Class is shrinking.  The elites are getting the job done well, or is it job well done.

Gen Y is heading down the chutes into proletariat status.  

The Move Against Gun Ownership

Disarming citizens means to end their right to self defense.

Alex Jones has it right when it comes to the current move against guns after the Connecticut tragedy.  It really does appear orchestrated and ready to go while they were just waiting for an event to happen that would give them the pretext for doing what they want to to, which is to ban guns.

Two Problems Related to Personal Disarmament
On the face of it it might make some reasonable argument to stop violence by removing guns from society.  There are two big problems here.  One is that it can’t be done simply on the basis of our long history of gun ownership and incredible amount of them already in circulation.  The black market wouldn’t submit to a ban, but instead would simply raise the cost.

 The other insoluble problem relates to government.   

The War Dead in WW2  are testimony to a disarmed populace.

 In countries where the populace cannot be armed there is often governmental abuse of citizens.  To say you save lives by removing gun ownership seems to ignore the mass exterminations done to citizens of countries like Germany that were seemingly civilized and advanced, but once unable to do anything but submit to tyranny and dictatorial power.  As a result of WW2 the Germans lost close to 10% of their population and the Soviets lost 13%.  Many other countries suffered as well.  It could be said that had the German population been privately armed the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler might not have been able to reach beyond Germany.  50 million dead as a result makes a strong case for self reliant and an armed citizenry such as those in Switzerland.  They suffered approximately 100 dead from the war, meaning 0%.  Guns saved Switzerland.

Intel and connecting the dots – content analysis

 The flow of events moves relentlessly toward central control and replay of bad decisions from the past.  Know what is happening and though it may make you a tinge paranoid it helps to know if you’re a frog what the water temp is doing.

The little black box in your car that will sell you out.

We are Guinea Pigs for the Government when it comes to economic plans. 

Russians buying up canned goods and matches for end of Mayan Calendar. 

Tipping Pointo and the eventual loss of destiny to alien invasion.

We are employing content analysis to come up with something approaching the ways of the past that always worked for predicting the future such as scatology, reading the bones, and tea leaves.   In this case we read the news and follow online trends.