America On Fire

Here is an example of the crimes of the day.  We have a violent underclass that cares nothing about others.

Florida Clerk stops robbery with beer can.

Teens beat mentally disabled woman and laugh about it.

Gang of Teens take over a gas station.

Gas Station beat down in Detroit.

Outside the borders of the USA

How the French deal with illegals.  Burn them out.

Ireland punks glue door locks shut.

Can You Hear Me Now? Yes, and a whole lot more.

Apparently U.S. law enforcement is hoping to do so and be able to identify you by voice when they find a call that falls outside of normal chit chat.

Facial recognition is already in the works with a one billion dollar FBI program in the works.

Add to this the 13 ways the government tracks you and it’s getting downright hard to stay off the radar.

Finding a GPS tracker on your car.

Cell phone tracking.

Government Ammo Purchases for Domestic Tranquility

This ongoing buildup of ammo purchases well beyond the need for training leads many of us to believe that DHS and other agencies within the USA are planning for martial law.

DHS Orders 200 Million more rounds of ammunition. Since 176, 000 rounds of it are .308 ammo it leads to the question as to what DHS plans to do with it.

This is also why ammo prices in general are continuing to increase.

Avoiding Negligent Discharges

Before we even start with gun safety I think the first thing we should get out of the way is to show everyone why you should never give a gun to a monkey.
What you learn from this video is that they are unpredictable and remember that also goes for lots of everyday people out there that you might run into on the firing line.

I think of gun safety often when I hear of firearm tragedies. Here is one I just read from a blogger under the title CarteachO.

Over the years I remember a couple of times when clearing weapons that I missed a proper part of the sequence and could have really had a bad experience. Mostly this means the risk of putting a hole through a floor since I generally point it there when clearing one. Still, this should give you pause.

Here are some stories on the subject.

Check out some NRA safety rules.