Speaking Truth to Power Clint Eastwood Style

Clint asks the country to Make My Day. It takes an 82 year old man to show the courage the rest of the entertainment industry and the media would never show. Now the media is turning on Clint with trying to mock him simply because he did his job as an entertainer and mocked the President.

In the end, he simply said to Mr. Obama that you are our employee and we think it’s time for you to move on. What is so bad about that?

Drug Resistant TB

Step into the wrong elevator or get on the wrong airplane and you might pick up a deadly and nearly incurable version of TB. The world is floating in nasty infectious diseases and TB of the antibiotic resistant type will bring us back to the days before antibiotics where catching such a disease is a death sentence. With open borders and no public health agency that really manages such risks we are all just one elevator ride away from wretched death. This alone is why I prefer to travel in cars and stay out of large groups and confined spaces with people.

Here is an story about the alarming rise of drug resistant TB.

New Tick Virus from the Heartland

Here is a new virus that may take the name Heartland Virus since many viruses are named after locations where they are first found. It has some nasty symptoms and as usual is transmitted easily by tick bites. Add this to the growing list of tick infections that doesn’t seem to be important to the government in terms of finding cures or vaccines. Lyme is still the big daddy on the tick disease front due to its widespread distribution and long lasting effects on the neurological system.

New Heartland Tick Virus

Civil War 201?

Well, the U.S. Military is writing papers on the subject of civil war in 2016 so it makes you wonder when the DHS purchases 400 million rounds of .40 JHP. The signs are becoming evident that they are readying for some type of insurrection of social unrest. The worst part of it is that they might foment it in order to justify a harsh response.

Posse Comm. Act. to be rescinded.

Concealed Carry Issues

Getting the right holster is the answer for concealed carry or even open carry. I’ve found the old tried and true leather holsters are still the best. Anyone that has owned and carried handguns for a long period of time has a collection.

1. Buy one fitted for the gun you intend to carry.

2. Stay away from nylon

3. No fancy mechanisms. I had trouble with one that requires tilting the weapon a certain way to extract it. Something like that is lousy under pressure. Release buttons jam too.

4. Pay top dollar and get the best you can afford and only buy once. If you buy cheap ones you’ll have to replace them anyway and end up spending the same.

This one is one of the best articles I’ve read on holsters.

EMP Death Totals

In an article posted at World Net Daily there is a predication that 80-90% of Americans would eventually die as a result of the systemic collapse from an EMP event. Of course it’s hard to accurately predict outcomes like this in the wake of the Y2K non-event, but if you look at our dependency on electronic devices that might be vulnerable to EMP energy then you would have to say that it makes sense to take some precautions. The easiest one is to drop a few little AM/FM radios into ammo cans or some other shielded box. You might want to further insulate that with mylar bags and bubble wrap before you put them in a metal container. If you want something other than simple communications then you might add a CB radio. They’re cheap. You can find all this on Amazon.com. I see Sony portable radios for $10 and CB radios for $30. Beyond that, you might think about how you have all of your wealth stored. If it is just numbers in bank accounts then yes, you could lose it all, but who knows. So it makes sense to have currency on hand including coins, precious metals, and of course the other white metal known as lead in the form of ammunition. Rimfire .22 is a safe bet since you can always plink with it and it is cheap compared to centerfire handgun or rifle ammunition.

Food is still your number one priority when it comes to EMP concerns since the availability of food may disappear the moment all unshielded electronic devices are destroyed by the pulse. Also plan to have some non-electrical means of heating your food.

Lastly, get your tinfoil hat on to protect yourself from a brain erasure in a strong EMP attack. Just kidding, as far as I know we have no risk for that. Otherwise we couldn’t get into an MRI.