Best Pocket Guns

I have my own preference for pocket carry and recently have moved to a Sig Sauer P238 in .380 as my favorite to shoot and most accurate with minimal recoil, light weight, and small size. My second in line is the Kahr CW9 since it has the hotter 9mm round. It is a bit heaver and larger but the extra punch of the 9mm really makes a difference for confidence in self defense situations. I also have a Smith and Wesson Model 642 .38 special revolver that I like for a jacket pocket in the winter where its size and weight seem less concerning and it makes for a great great vehicle concealment gun for reliable and fast access if needed. (Of course, this is only for places where it is legal to have one on you or in your vehicle in close proximity.)

Here is a video that somewhat parallels my suggestions.

How to foil a Robbery, Flash Mobs

Here is a 71 year old man foiling a robbery at an Internet Cafe in Florida and still the left wants us to stay disarmed.

Here is a flash mob in Jacksonville Florida that went on a crime spree inside a Wal Mart.

Here is a flash mob in Oregon.

If you have any doubts that things aren’t getting dangerous out there just take a look at these videos.

Checkpoints in America

Here we have a guy with some courage to tell the authorities that he isn’t interested in being their patsy at a checkpoint.

I’d like to go free on my way.

Why Mr. Anderson.
This video goes well with the one you just watched and it probably represents our future.

How about the 100 mile exclusion zone on U.S. borders where the constitution no longer applies. This could mean daily searches.

Meanwhile, as they tighten the screws on U.S. citizens the Feds are cutting enforcement on the borders. Here is a story about the closing of 4 border patrol stations.

How about some obedience training for U.S. travelers courtesy of the TSA as they told to freeze on command

These are ominous signs that much is going wrong here in the U.S.A. They open the borders and tighten the screws on us to protect us from the threats they allow into the country.

“Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”
Thomas Jefferson

Book Reviews – Screwed, The Survivors Club

Here are a few books worth getting from the library.

Screwed by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann is a great rundown of the raping of the USA by China, Saudi Arabia and numerous others.

The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood is an excellent treatment of research on survival. It reads well too since he includes stories of survival rather than just clinical info.

Concealed Carry Rules

I found this link on rules of concealed carry and thought you might find it useful.

I’d like to add my own rule. The mouse gun you have in your pocket is better than the bear gun you have in your gun safe when it comes to utility in time of immediate need.

Though caliber is important it is better to have anything than nothing so if a .22 revolver is all you feel comfortable shooting then until that time comes when you can move up in caliber, just carry the .22. It is better than nothing and often will do the trick. Just get very good with that little gun since accuracy/placement then becomes more important than ever.

This also comes into play when you have to consider carrying a weapon at all times and the larger framed guns do wear you down. Having a 9 or ten ounce gun in your pocket that disappears until needed is a strong argument for light and little is better than nothing. S&W Model 317 Airlite Video.
Here is a complete writeup of the Airlite Model 317.

My upper end of weight for full time carry is 15 ounces. Here is a list of 10 lightweight carry guns and many are under ten ounces.

I’d like to add to this list the Sig P238 as one of my favorites.

Avoid Confrontations – Your Life Depends On It

Here is a story about a woman who probably thought she would just point out bad driving behavior to a car full of men and instead she ended up dead from a gunshot.

The point of this is that no matter where you are nowadays you might reconsider confronting anyone on any type of behavior.  It may cost you your life.  For instance, many years ago in a movie theater I had a couple behind me chattering and I asked them to stop.  I know the guy was ready to start something but his girlfriend stopped him.  I might have gotten a knife in the neck or a bullet and nowadays that is almost likely.  At a minimum I’d get a beating for my inconsiderate behavior in actually expecting people not to have a running conversation during the movie. 

Avoid confrontations.  If you have  a situation where it must be stopped then call the police and let them confront the troublemakers.  That is what the police are paid to do.

Save yourself some jail time or worse, a trip to the morgue.

Bulletproof Fiberglass Panels

This is a great idea for upgrading and retrofitting your home for ballistic protection.  Just run a search for bulletproof fiberglass.  Instead of building a concrete reinforced bunker this approach might allow you to compromise on the home security you have through the creation of a safe room.

Here is one company that sells the material.

Demographics For Safety

Where you live may determine how well and how safely you live. 

Here is one site that tells you the breakdown of an area based on the census.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of all the pertinent information regarding an area that includes crimes stats.

Finally here is one that you can use to fill out other information not found with the others.

Choosing A Pistol

 Here is a great site I found on choosing a pistol.

If you want my quick and simple weapon recommendation for a handgun of choice I’d go with a Glock 19 for 9mm or a Glock 23 if you want to have a .40 S&W.

These two weapons are built on the same platform and can function as weapons for concealed carry or as a primary service weapon that you might have on your nightstand.  So if you intend to go with only one weapon I’d choose one of these two.

9mm will give you more practice time if your funds are scarce while the .40 will offer more stopping power depending on the round used.

One other main benefit of the Glock is the availability of the Advantage Arms .22 adapter that will give you trigger time at 1/3 the cost per round.  I’ve found that I need to use CCI mini-mags in this adapter to get reliable function but that still leaves you paying approx. 7 cents per round versus 21 cents per round.