Cyber Attacks on the Electrical Grid

The risk continues despite years of warnings that we will likely face an electrical grid collapse due to cyberwar attacks.  Meanwhile, the fools in government keep talking smart grid which in translation means stupid grid or vulnerable grid.  The more we go away from direct control over the grid to remote control through SCADA  (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.     Here is the Wiki on this to get a full understanding.

This warning comes through the North American Energy Standards Board that warns of major security risk to the grid due to insecure digital signatures.  It’s only a matter of time according to this group.

Picture yourself using candles and oil lamps for light while cooking food in your microwave and electric stove won’t happen.  Gas stoves often have electrical controls so you might be out of business there too.

Forget hot showers or even water if the utility company can’t keep the pressure up or you have a well without a backup power source.

No TV or Internet too so you’ll be back to reading novels by candlelight.

The government people in charge of this have no clue how vulnerable we are but instead focus on their benefits packages and herding votes.  The panacea of energy savings gained by the so called smart grid may be the Trojan Horse that takes our society down unless these fools put in serious effort to make it fully secure with redundant backup by old technology.  Of course they got rid of the old technology as they upgraded so we end up in a situation where few people are left that know how the old ways worked and the new systems are dependent on computer control and high technology parts made by our potential enemies such as China.  This is stupidity and it is always punished.

My advice to you is to make yourself less vulnerable to the grid collapse by setting up an alternate system in your home for lighting, heat, and refrigeration.  If you live in the city this is going to be really hard to do, but even a suburban home can set up redundant systems for heat and light with a solar panel, battery, 12 V lights, and a wood stove.

Best of Luck with the new smart grid from our Geniuses in Washington.

P.S.  EMP adds to the risk of a grid collapse.

Check out this site.  America may never recover from an EMP attack.

E. Coli Outbreaks

The danger for all of us is contracting an illness that might kill you or severely injure you simply by having a meal at the wrong location or buying tainted food.  Picture yourself losing 50 pounds in 3 months as you lose your appetite and spend most of your day with intestinal discomfort.  For your long term health I’d suggest limiting your meals out to places that you can watch the food begin prepared.  I currently see Subway as my only safe place to eat when traveling.

Aside from that I stick with pasta without meat or pizza without meat.  There are too many ways to lose your life and doing it over a bad meal just isn’t worth it.  You can save a lot of money by staying home and making your own food.  In addition by making your effort at self preparation you’ll be more independent if the merry-go-round stops. 

Here is another reminder why watching what you eat and where you go to eat is a major part of self preservation. 

E. Coli Outbreak

Contagion in America

We have so much to worry about and now comes Chagas, an insect borne disease that helps to destroy your heart through parasitic infestation.  The list of maladies to protect against is growing daily but this one sounds especially happy.  Spread by the kissing bug it is a tiny parasite that moves into your body once you scratch the itch of the insect bite.

Chagas as the new AIDS for the Americas 
Since the Yahoo article is short on facts but long on fear I thought I’d add the NIH take on things.

NIH – Chagas

CDC – Chagas

Here is the Wikipedia Version of Chagas information.

Enjoy your day.

P.S. As if that wasn’t enough here is a report of flea transmitted typhus in Santa Ana