The Japan Sell-off

If Japan needs cash and sells it’s U.S. Treasury bond holdings it could collapse the Dollar or at least cause a run on it. Things are working against us here and all roads lead to Washington when it comes to financial ruin.

Check out this link from The Washington Times regarding the possibility of a Japanese sell-off.

Keep chanting silver and gold if you’re serious about surviving a sell-off.

Financial Collapse: What is Fake Money?

Looming Dollar Crisis

The number of stories in the news about states and investors questioning the safety of paper money should make you look back into the history of failed empires and the currencies that accompanied them. Just this level of awareness out there predicts that we may be approaching a critical tipping point in confidence that could precipitate a currency collapse.

Here’s my view: Paper currency is fake money no matter who prints it if it can’t be converted to a commodity on demand. That ended in the U.S. a long time ago.

States Moving to Fill the Void:

A number of states are moving to create their own currencies or to make sure there is some means of transacting business when the dollar finally becomes worthless.

Utah has opted to allow precious metal spot values of U.S. minted coins as legal tender.
This approach incorporates the U.S. coins with a twist. Rather than use face value this allows market value for payment of taxes and other debts.

A North Carolina legislator wants to create a state currency and to allow for precious metals to be used for transactions.

Don’t Print Your Own Green:

Don’t take matters into your own hands. Just buy gold or silver coins.

Printing your own money is a bad idea if you live in the U.S.A. It almost guarantees jail time and now it also means you’re a domestic terrorist according to the U.S. government. Admittedly, this guy screwed up by using features of U.S. currency in his minted coins. He should have called them something else other than dollars. Here is the FBI page on the story of a North Carolina man now facing a long prison term for his mistakes. Don’t print your own green.

Economic Collapse and Other Inconveniences

While the media trumpets the latest propaganda put out by the White House regarding the economic recovery the cost of goods rises daily while asset values such as real estate are collapsing still further. I can’t see assets other than silver, gold, food, and necessities such as medical supplies and power production as having any lasting value if there is an economic collapse.

Meanwhile, the predictions are regular and dark. Here is a favorite. I read this today and needed a walk to commune with nature after contemplating what this meant. What it seems to mean is that we’re destined for total destruction of our way of life within the next decade or so. Check out this site and read the post titled “The Gathering Storm.” Find something positive there other than reasons to justify your preparations.

A run on potassium iodide pills has ensued as West Coast Americans panic in the face of a radioactive cloud. Meanwhile most are fully ignorant that terrorist groups have plenty of the same materials that can be used to detonate a dirty bomb. Still they vote for open borders and multicultural foolishness that ignores the realities of the war of civilizations that has been ongoing.

U.S. Dominance Coming to an end

The bad news for the U.S. continues. Now we have an article from Reuters that indicates that China could catch up with us militarily within the next 10-15 years. Wonderful. See, that’s how it works when you employ Chinese Nationals in your nuclear research labs and give them access to your technology that you spent trillions of dollars and 60 years developing. They’ll just copy and use everything we’ve developed as they do with everything else. We are stupid in this regard.

The problem is we’ll pay dearly for it and so will many other allies that relied on our protection in Asia.

Improvised Ammo Cans

The price of military surplus ammo cans continue to increase so I’ve looked for other options for ammo storage. The main ingredient for successful storage is to limit moisture. Temperature concerns aren’t as critical as long as temperature extremes aren’t ongoing. My main focus is to avoid temperatures past 110 degrees for extended periods of time. Experience has proven that storage in non-climate controlled areas like sheds or other outbuildings is less important that simply keeping the ammo dry. Putting the ammo in sealed containers with moisture absorbers like silica desiccants is the way to go.

Water bottles once dried out can act as a great dry storage container and it’s easy to drop a silica pack in with the ammo and seal the top for airtight and watertight storage. With plastic bottles the main thing is to avoid sunlight to limit UV deterioration of the plastic.

I’ve used this method for years and tested the ammo and found no problems. Think of it as an expedient battle pack.