Old Prepper – Old Survivalist – Nothing Changes

I was prepping when prepping wasn’t cool. That goes back to the 70’s.

Why did we do it then? The world had many of the problems that face us today. If you read Harry Browne back then you knew we were headed for a monetary crisis. We just didn’t know it would be many of them to extend over decades.

We worried about pandemics because we did have some treacherous strains of Flu coming through as we do now and expect to see again.

We all had to face the idea that Nuclear war could occur at any moment either through aggression, mistaken launch, rogue generals, or stupidity.

Food shortages didn’t loom as a major concern at the time, but food storage was part of the preparation for all of the other concerns.

Most importantly, we all prepared for those things that we had no control over so that from our perspective we did gain some control by being prepared.

Has anything changed since then? Only the list of things to worry about. It’s much longer.